Accommodation Options - Our Personal Guarantee

Every accommodation listing comes with our own seal of approval, according to our exacting standards, that with an absolute guarantee that we know the accommodation (and the owner) through personal inspection and/or experience. While we specialise in booking in and around our "home base" of Orvieto we do still work with a few, very select hotels, apartments and monasteries in Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice and Sorrento. These too come with our own personal rating from first-hand experience gleaned over many years, both in booking for clients and group programmes as well as choosing to stay in these places ourselves. Given the years of experience in booking accommodation for particular clients, matching itineraries and expectations of all, we are also able to research new locations and provide an honest opinion as to what is most suitable for your needs.
The hotels we choose to work with, whether in a small local region or larger city, are all selected with the best location in mind for your itinerary. They range from 3* - 5* ratings, some with larger suites and family rooms. Wherever possible, we prefer to work with the smaller, "boutique" hotels rather than the larger chains. All offer wi-fi, air conditioning, Sky TV and a personal safe in the room. Breakfast is always included in the cost of the room but parking is typically at an extra cost.
The self-catering apartments we book in Orvieto are all located "on the rock" in the ancient centre with convenient access to all services within the city. They are tastefully furnished and provided with every comfort. Some offer great, full-sized kitchens and dining areas while others offer slightly more limited facilities though still more than adequate for holiday catering. There are many configurations to suit from individual occupation (like our bed-sits or studio apartments), up to 6 people and more in some venues. All offer wi-fi, have televisions and hairdryers amongst other things but it depends on what is important to you. We will always ask you relevant questions and then suggest a couple of alternatives from which to choose, according to your budget. Descriptions provided for our venues will ALWAYS be relevant, practical and honest.
Our B&Bs are typically to be found in the quiet medieval streets of Orvieto, always just a few steps from the main square of the town. The rooms we choose are welcoming and tastefully furnished with management undertaken personally by the owners. Again, we know these venues very well and choose them not only because of how they look and the services they offer but also because of the owners who are warm, generous people intent on making your stay a special one, comfortable, private and secure. All have private facilities. For the venues we book, the owners typically provide a simple fresh breakfast each morning, sometimes delivered to your room.
We have our favourite monastery stays in some cities, Rome, Orvieto and Venice in particular. They always offer a good standard of accommodation for individuals, couples and families. Rooms are typically more austere than other types of accommodation but all are furnished comfortably and all offer en-suite bathrooms. A simple breakfast is usually provided daily. In most cases these types of venues also have lovely quiet gardens to take a bit of respite in which is often welcome in a busy schedule.
Agriturismo/Farm Stays
Just a short drive from the famed medieval city of Orvieto, deep within the lush Umbrian countryside, bordered by Lazio and Tuscany, we have a number of wonderful "farm stays" nestled into the green hills, typically in beautifully restored and decorated farm houses where you can rest, recover and then with renewed energy, set about exploring this wonderful land and the many activities on offer. These wonderful places offer a homely and warm welcome with a number of accommodation options, perfect for families or small groups to stay together, whether it for just an overnight stay or a longer relaxing week or more, ranging from B&B, to half board and full board or completely independent living, typically with a pool and barbecue area for guest use. It is ideal for those private, true getaway times. Here, you can set the pace you want and sit back and enjoy it all.