• Secondary Schools
  • Secondary school groups often want to pack in a huge itinerary with educationally relevant content into a short space of time. We work closely with you to understand the group and your expectations and make an itinerary that is at once, cost effective, meets your requirements and achieves your goals, while being structured in a way that makes it all doable.
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  • Primary Schools
  • Primary Schools have become a special niche market for us. We understand how these young people, so far from home, need to be nurtured and made to feel secure and confident enough to embrace new things, to taste and understand different food cultures and languages. Hands-on classes are perfect for this age group as it encourages a real interaction with local people and a much greater understanding of what motivates people of different cultures.
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  • Special Focus
  • Special focus groups often are made up of widely differing age groups with a common subject interest, such as mathematics, architecture, art, language or other. We work with the appropriate professionals who can deliver what you need and focus iconic places to adapt to your point of study. Differing levels can easily be catered for so no-one misses out.
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Where do you want to go?
When do you want to go?
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What is your main focus?
How much help do you need?

Making your planning and the journey easy for you

Discovering Italy's mission is to provide travellers with an extensive range of travel options. DI prides itself on offering a very high level of professional service and consultation. DI has an extensive knowledge of the Italian Peninsula, its history and its culture and is excited about providing programs that cultivate a passion for travel in our young people, as well as value adding to their education. DI understands the rigours of arranging school travel and has experienced education consultants on hand.
  • It is only through consultation and a thorough understanding of what your school's needs and expectations are that will result in the right program for your group, but that also means having a realistic aim according to your budget and according to the age and needs of your students, as well as to the time of travel.

  • DI's facilitators are all experienced in conducting private tours as well as school groups, across an extensive range of cultural activities and in many different locations and all speak English. If you have been assigned a facilitator for your program, they will meet you on arrival, stay with you according to your itinerary, assist with all the daily activities and offer translation services when needed.

  • Part of getting to that relevant itinerary is in understanding how different locations can work to your benefit or not. The comfort of travel and accessibility to certain locations and sites is often linked to the seasons and to the overly popular tourist times. Knowing when to avoid certain places becomes critical

  • While DI understands that time is of the essence (and costs money) it is also essential that any itinerary, packed full of activities, transfers between cities and the like, does also need time for pause, allowing new experiences to take hold. DI likes to encourage students to keep journals, to take time to retreat and write up those experiences and, especially for the younger ones, to take time out for supervised play. Doing ordinary things in amazing places makes for unforgettable memories

  • DI's accommodation venues come with a personal guarantee, chosen according to your budget but also in locations that give ease of access in terms of daily activities and local transport. All venues are deemed safe, secure, comfortable and appropriate for young students, with good breakfasts to get them going each day. Some also offer half board.

  • Nothing helps embed an experience more than taking a practical, hands-on class, learning about the local artisan and traditional cultures - from maiolica decorating, to regional cooking, to Venetian mask-painting and language lessons, even if just for "survival" Italian.

  • We all know what gelato is but even sampling the different types throughout the peninsula will give some idea of cultural diversity at a micro level. But it is not all about gelati, DI prides itself on providing a full experience of fabulous Italian cuisine, according to the regional specialties.